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The holiday season is upon us and this year we would love to share a bit of the Delta spirit with POGO. 

Donations can be made to POGO through our philanthropy chair’s site here. Bonus for the month of December 2020 any $30 donations made through our fundraiser page can get you a custom digital illustration (drawn by Allison!). Once your donation is made, she will reach out to you by email within 24 hours to confirm that you wish to participate and which photo you would like to use for the digital illustration. Once she receives the photo she can then confirm with you the timeline for completion. 

Unsure of what a digital illustration is? By sending a photo of your pet or a special moment, or a photo you love, Allison will digitize it into an illustration that can be used for a variety of things. These make great gifts, especially for this year’s virtual holiday season! Some have them printed, framed and given them as wedding gifts to their friends or loved ones, used the images for custom cards and others have simply used them for personal purposes like as their phone background or a social media post. check out some examples on Instagram @theartofillistrations 

Please feel free to reach out to Allison directly at if you have any questions!

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