Tri Psi

Dear Tri Delta collegians and those who work with the collegians,

Traditionally, Psi Psi Psi holds an annual graduation dinner and celebration for graduating Tri Deltas. We present our local awards at Tri Delta’s Founders’ Day celebration.

Psi Psi Psi also offers annual scholarships to third-year Delta Delta Deltas who need financial support and are doing well in university. As of 2023-2024 school year, the scholarship amount is USD$1,500.

The deadline for applications for our Tri Psi Scholarship is usually in March. Please note that there can only be one applicant per chapter, who must be in good standing, and each application must be accompanied by a letter from the Alum Adviser and nominated by their chapter.

Tri Psi Love
Olive Jeejeebhoy
Former International President
Former Chair, Psi Psi Psi Scholarship Committee