Toronto Alumnae Staying ConnecteDDD – Social Media and Canada Alpha’s Birthday

Hello Sisters! 

The executive is excited to be able to share what our local alumnae community has been up to during these times. If you have anything you’d like to share with our community, new skills learned, recipes tried, or crafts and home projects tackled, we want to show them off.

Some of our new initiatives include:
#TriDeltaReaddds – have a book recommendation you’d love to share. Send us the book title and a small write up of why you love it so much.
#socialdistancing – How are you staying in touch with sisters during this time. Virtual chats or coffee dates, at-home challenges, let us know what you’re getting up to.
#Trideltatuesday – a tri delta staple! If you have a sister you’d like to shine a light on, say thank you or give some love to, let us know and we can feature them in a sister spotlight.

In an effort to continue to celebrate Canada Alpha’s milestone birthday, we have developed a social media campaign so that each member has the ability to wish Canada Alpha a Happy 90th Birthday from home. We’d love to see any of your Canada Alpha memories, no TBT required, just use the hashtags #withDDD, #CanadaAlpha & #canadaaplphamemory on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

During the month of May, we will be featuring sisters celebrating Canada Alpha’s 90th on our Social media platforms. Ways you can get involved in the celebrations are:

By wishing Canada Alpha a Happy 90th anytime during the month of May, or for the rest of the year, with the hashtag #DDDCA90

By decorating one of the printable colouring stencils available and posting a picture of you with your artwork using the hashtags above.

Email Melanie at to receive the colouring pages. There is:

A party hat template to be decorated and cut out;
Two Birthday Cake Slices, one simple, one more decorative
Or you can create your own birthday banner. If you have kids at home we would love to see their artwork too!

Let us know how you’re keeping occupied during these unprecedented times and keep us posted on how you’ll be celebrating this chapter milestone!

We hope that all of our sisters are keeping well and encourage you to reach out to your sisters in support, and demonstrate steadfast love towards one another.



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