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The Establishment of Canada Alpha and Early Residence History.

By Christine Kralik

In 1927, a group of women at the University of Toronto formed a local sorority called Kappa Phi Alpha. In 1929, the women of this same sorority applied to Delta Delta Delta for a charter, and this request was granted. The Canada Alpha Chapter was officially installed on May 24, 1930, and there were 28 Charter members, most of whom were students enrolled at University College. The initiation banquet was held at the Royal York Hotel that evening.

At that time, the Chapter occupied an apartment at 2 Sultan Court (now 2 Sultan Street, see photo), just east of the Windsor Arms Hotel. In subsequent years, the Chapter moved around several times, first to other apartment buildings, among them 321 Bloor West (the original building is no longer extant; the Woodsworth College Residence stands on that site now), and then to different houses along St. George St. (first 85 St. George in 1933; then 122 St. George in 1939; and then 136 St. George in 1948.) In 1966, the University of Toronto identified that block on the west side of St. George as the ideal site for the new Robarts Library, and the Chapter had to vacate the property and find a new home. 30 Madison Avenue was identified as an ideal new home for the Chapter.

2 Responses to “Canada Alpha History”

  1. Carly Klassen Avatar
    Carly Klassen

    Thanks for sharing this informative piece, Christine. Cheers to the women of Kappa Phi Alpha for having vision and choosing well!

  2. Eleanor MacLean Avatar
    Eleanor MacLean

    Thanks for doing this, Christine.
    I was initiated at 136 St George( next door to KKG) and was on the committee responsible for buying, moving and renovating our present home on Madison (also next door to KKG). June Rossall, Fran Stronach, Gretchen McDowell and several others were also on the committee. I think we chose well. and Sheila Shaw”s husband was the architect in charge of renovations. It used to be a room rental building with shared kitchen and bathroom and a bedroom in the dining room space.

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