Collegiate Chapter Recruitment Updates

Dear Alumnae,

Our chapter is already so excited for the 2015 Fall Recruitment! Last year, we initiated 12 new members in the fall, making our chapter just one member short of the campus total. The girls we initiated this year have been an incredible addition to our sorority, and we hope to achieve the same results this year!

This year’s recruitment begins on Friday, September 18, and ends Sunday, September 20. Our sisters have been working hard during the preparation workshops, brainstorming both ideas for decoration and the recruitment video. With this being said, like everything we do, our efforts are not as optimal without the help of our alumnae.

We would love and appreciate your help for this year’s upcoming recruitment. You have all been so generous and helpful in previous years by donating food, decorations, and of course your time. If you are able to donate or lend any of the following items, we would greatly appreciate it:

  • Helium tank for balloons
  • Large (3m in length) fabric suitable for painting a banner
  • Costco/Metro gift cards
  • Fresh flowers would be a lovely addition – seeing as our Round 1 theme is tropical paradise
  • Pink Flamingo statues
  • Camp themed decorations (Xmas trees, lanterns, rope, etc)
  • Black, White and Blush Pink (light) decorations
  • Black/White tablecloths
  • Scrapbooking paper (pinks, orange, yellow, white)
  • Floral tablecloths
  • Mason jars

If you are interested in helping out at the house during rounds, please let myself or our Alumnae Advisors know. Or, if you wish to donate or loan us decorations please contact myself at  or Melanie Blundell at


Delta Love and Mine,

Victoria Brillinger

VP Membership

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