Retreat Request


This summer the collegiate chapter will be hosting our annual retreat the July 24th – 26th weekend. Our normal location of a sister’s cottage is unavailable that weekend so we are currently looking for a place in which to host it and are having little luck. If there is any alumnae who will be willing to allow us the use of their cottage, or knows of a place where we might be able to get access to a low cost place to host retreat we would be grateful. Obviously the chapter is willing to compensate with monetary fees if the owner so chooses.

If you can help:

Our current VP administration Madeleine Morassutti, will be taking responsibility for the event and ensuring that the house is fully cleaned and that no property is damaged. Anyone who can help in any way please contact Madie at

Hope everyone has had a Happy April!

Delta Love and Mine,

Melanie Blundell and the Canada Alpha Collegiate Chapter.

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