The Dorothy Cody Fundraising Campaign

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Question: What do the following eight generous Tri Deltas have in common?

Muriel Masson

Arlene Chan

Judith McCutcheon Pownall

Nancy Gahm

Helen Ward in memory of Lucille Banke & Bobbie Bicknell

Eleanor MacLean

June Rossall

Carly Klassen

Answer: They have already responded to my appeal for new donations to the Dorothy Cody Memorial Fund!

Will your name be added to this esteemed list by the next newsletter? I would be so grateful for your cheque of any amount made out to the Dorothy Cody Memorial Fund, and sent to me, Nancy Gahm. (Please see 2013-2014 Toronto Directory for address or email “President” via the “Contact” link at the top of this site.)

At this point we have newly raised $ 2500, and the whole fund has more than $9,000 in it.

Can you help raise these amounts even higher? Your contribution would really make my day!!

P.S. I’m also ready to receive nominations for the Dorothy Cody Award, the winner to be presented at Founders’ Day 2014. Have you thought of a qualified Tri Delta alumna for this year’s prestigious award? E-mail me with your choice at

Delta Love,


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