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Canada Alpha Collegiate Chapter
Canada Alpha Collegiate Chapter

Dear Alumnae,

The collegiate chapter is so excited for our upcoming Fall recruitment! We had a
very successful recruitment last year, initiating 15 new members, and reaching our
campus total of 40 members! An exciting achievement we hope to continue this year.

Formal Recruitment will take place Thursday, September 11 – Sunday,
September 14. Our sisters have been working hard in workshops to prepare, and have
been creating some beautiful decorations to make our parties special and memorable.
However, like everything we do, our efforts would greatly benefit from your involvement.

We would love your support to help us achieve our recruitment goals this year. You
all have been so generous in previous years by lending us decorations, donating food
and flowers, and volunteering your time. Please take a moment to see if you could lend
or donate any of these items:
– Helium tank for balloons
– Large (3 metre length) fabric suitable for painting a banner
– Costco/Metro gift card
– Black and/or white tablecloths
– Scrapbooking paper (especially in patterns of white, yellow and pink)
– Camping-themed decorations (Mini Christmas tree, lanterns, rope etc)
– Black, white and gold decorations (think Great Gatsby… feathers, pearls, glitter etc.)
– Fresh flowers are always a lovely addition

If you are interested in helping out at the house during rounds, please let myself
or our Alumnae Advisors Vanessa and Lydia know. If you would like to clarify anything
with me, or have any questions, I can be reached at

Delta love and mine,
Kirsten Hentschel, VP Membership

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