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Hi Tri Delta sisters,

I am a Tri Delta alum from the University of Kentucky.

I have just applied for a position that I have been dreaming of for years: the Jauntaroo Chief World Explorer position. The chosen Chief World Explorer will travel around the world for a year — to 30 to 50 destinations — and document all of the destinations through blogging, photography, and video, while also managing the social media accounts for Jauntaroo, which is a start-up travel company, also known as the ultimate travel ‘matchmaker.’ Voluntourism is also one of the main duties of the Chief World Explorer — a volunteer project will be done in each destination. I am interested in volunteering and starting a non-profit; I have already pitched, created, and successfully¬† started my first project, The Silly Bandz Project.

I feel that I am very qualified for this position. I have travelled independently to 30 countries, I’ve roughed it on 22-hour train rides through China and 18-hour bumpy bus rides (through the night) in Cambodia. I feel that I am an established traveller and that I have the skill set to take on this role. Check out my website and travel blog and my LinkedIn profile to see more about my skills, experience, and to see for yourself that I would be perfect at this!

I’m not sure how much votes even count for, but please vote. You can vote once a day (from each platform, so actually twice a day if you
vote once from your phone and once from your laptop). Please forward on to friends, family, etc. and say that a Tri Delta alum (May 2012 graduate) needs support; it would be much appreciated! There are like a billion applicants, so I’m sure that I won’t make it to the top 50,
but you never know!

Click here for the link:

Thanks very much in advance and if anyone ever has travel questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!



Twitter & Instagram: @AbbieRoden

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