Recruitment Updates!

Recruitment Wish List

Hello Alumnae Members!

As you are surely aware, recruitment is once again upon us.  This year recruitment will run from September 19 –  22, 2013. The collegiate chapter has been preparing throughout the summer months for this upcoming event and meeting new potential sisters! The collegiates would love to have alumnae help out and volunteer during this busy time of year.   In addition to your time, the collegiates would love any sort of donation towards recruitment.

The chapter would like to request the following items for recruitment.

–    Helium Tank (either to rent or gift card to rent)
–    Costco Gift Card

–    Floral Arrangement – white only

Any additional donations are always welcome! If you are interested in donating to recruitment  or volunteering please email or contact or

Thank-you for your continued support 🙂


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