Canada Alpha is Hosting Tri Psi 2012 International Convention

The Canada Alpha Chapter of Tri Psi volunteered to host our annual Convention in Nashville. We did this as nobody else had come forward to host the 2012 Convention, and we’re well-seasoned in hosting conventions. We chose Nashville because many of our members do not have passports.

In the past we were so grateful for the the support we received from the Toronto Alumnae Chapter of Tri Delta. Once again we approach you. We would love it if some of you would join us in Nashville as we have an exciting program for guests, Tri Deltas, and Tri Psis, including an evening at the Grand Ole Opry. We are holding two hotel rooms at the Convention site, available to any who wish to join us. Also any monetary gift to help offset the cost of hosting the Convention would be very much appreciated.

Please check out our website at for further information. Just click on 2012 Convention to find further information on Convention Registration, Hotel Registration, and Convention Program.

Tri Psi love,
Olive Jeejeebhoy

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