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We host a number of formal Social events throughout the year.

Meet and Greet with the new collegiate members – early fall

Founders’ Day – November

Annual General Meeting – February

New Grad Social- May

Keep checking back for further details on upcoming formal and informal events.

Host a Mini DDD Social

We’d like to encourage members to host their own mini DDD socials. Here are a few ideas for some fun get-togethers:

-A games night- pull out your favourite board games and invite some sisters over.

-A book club- whether it’s classics, romance, non-fiction or fiction you’ll love hearing your friend’s take on what you’ve just read.

-A movie night- Hollywood blockbuster or art film everyone enjoys a night at the movies

-A running club- Get fit with your sisters.

-A monthly dinner- just like back it chapter host sisters at your house or explore a new restaurant each month.

-A clothing swap, pick a theme:  children’s clothing, business attire, accessories! This one is also a great opportunity to invite your friends to meet your Tri Delta sisters.  You may even want to make this a mini philanthropy event asking each attendee to donate $5 to POGO.

-A night at the theatre, Shakespeare or musical discover your favourite production

-A Spa day- we all need a little pampering now and then.

Remember ladies you don’t have to restrict these events to alumni invite your friends so they can she why you have a house full of pansies!

We’d love to hear from you, send us your own suggestions for mini socials and testimonials on your successful socials. Contact with any quesitons or if you’d like your social to be advertised on the alumnae website 

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  1. Carrie Illsley Avatar
    Carrie Illsley

    I hosted a clothing swap for POGO last week. It was a lot of fun, sharing food, drinks, gossip and clothing with my sisters. We raised $80 for POGO and everyone went home with some new items.

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