Silver, Gold & Blue Homecoming

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Event: Silver, Gold & Blue Homecoming

Saturday, October 2, 2010
11:00am- 5:00pm
30 Madison and Varsity Stadium

Family and Friends are welcome at this event!

This event will take place in 2 parts, please feel free to attend 1 or both:

Part 1:
Get together with friends and family at 30 Madison Ave arrive by 11 am. At this event there will be activities and food for the whole family to enjoy. Face painting, 50/50, pizza and cake, just to name a few!

Part 2:
At approximately 12:25 we will be heading over to the Varsity Centre to cheer on the Blues at their football game vs. Ottawa, which starts at 1pm. 

If you are not interested in the game feel free to stay a bit longer at the chapter house or continue on with your own plans.

ATTIRE: To get into the spirit of homecoming we ask that our guests wear DDD or U of T gear or Blue and White!

There is Green P parking on Madison Ave just south of the house (right hand side) or on Spadina behind the Madison Pub Next to Spadina Station.

Cost to attend the house and enjoy all the excitement, company and activities, FREE!!!

Football Game  Pricing:
U of T students = FREE with valid t-card
Advanced ticket Pricing (pick up and pay for at 30 Madison Ave. before the 12:25pm on game day)
Adult= $8
Kids under 12=FREE

Regular Pricing (to be purchased and picked up at the stadium)
Adults = $10
Youth 13-18 – $5
Children 12 and under = free

Please RSVP and include:

1)  the amount of guests,  specifying the number of Adults, Youth and Children. 
2)  indicate if you plan on attending 1 or both parts of Homecoming. (Which part)
3)If attending the Football game, state whether you need advanced tickets that you will pick up at the house

Thank you 

8 Responses to “Silver, Gold & Blue Homecoming”

  1. Carly Avatar

    Due to Nuit Blanche commitments, I can’t attend the football game, but I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my sisters at the chapter house from 11 to 1 o’clock.

  2. Krystal Avatar

    I will be there! For both the house part and game. Can’t wait!!! This sounds great ladies!!!!

  3. Ashley Avatar

    This event is going to be awesome! I hope everyone can attend!!!

  4. Amy Umpleby Avatar
    Amy Umpleby

    Ill be there the whole day until they kick me out!! looking forward to seeing everyone!!



  5. Michelle Mercer Avatar
    Michelle Mercer

    I will be at both the house and the game!! What a great day!!

  6. Katie Blundell Avatar
    Katie Blundell

    I’ll be at the house part!!! I am moving that weekend so I don’t think I can do the game, but I’ll be at the house for sure 🙂



  7. Selen Umul Avatar
    Selen Umul

    Looking forward to seeing you ladies!

  8. Caitie Hase Avatar
    Caitie Hase

    I will be there for the house part for sure. Hopefully I can be there for the game also.

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