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Lemonade. Tanning oil. Linen pants. Tank tops. Road trips. Summer recruitment workshops. Those words define the summer in the life of a Tri Delta. This summer, the girls at the DDD house have been preparing for the exciting weeks of 2010 fall recruitment. We are excited to announce that our theme this year is Tri Delta Airlines!

Round One, we will be taking our potential new members on an Arabian Night Adventure, serving pita and hummus as a casual snack. For Round Two, we will be “traveling” to a tropical paradise, where we will sip mango juice and enjoy fresh pineapple slices. Finally, for Preference Round we will be “traveling” to Hollywood, California!! Sipping on mocktails, biting on chocolate éclairs and dressed in cocktail dresses. Glamorous Los Angeles will be the perfect ending to our week and half journey!

My name is Catherine Young, and I am the collegiate VP Membership. This summer I have ensured that each collegiate Tri Delta is both familiar with and thoroughly excited for fall Partially Structured Recruitment. This year we look forward to welcoming anywhere between 8 to 16 new girls, depending on campus total.

After PSR, Caitlin Chrystoja, this year’s VPMA, will be planning the majority of the continuous open recruitment events should we have spots remaining. Caitlin, as well as the rest of the chapter have been instrumental in the planning, practicing and preparing for recruitment. Each girl has contributed so much to the process and I am so thankful to have such hardworking and dedicated sisters.

Our newest initiates are catching on extremely quickly and it looks like recruiting will be a breeze for these girls! As well, with the support of our seniors and other experienced recruiters, I’m certain we will be prepared for that special week of September.

But as always, the success of PSR is strongly correlated with the support of our alumnae. This can be helping hands in the kitchen, a platter of delicious cookies, a monetary contribution or even words of encouragement; all forms of assistance help us put on the best recruitment possible and inevitably, make sure our potential Tri Deltas know they definitely belong as Tri Delta sisters!

PSR begins September 23rd and Preference Night is scheduled for September 28th, with Bid Day the following day. We would love to see you throughout our preparations at PSR! At any time, please feel free to contact me personally if you have a question or would like to help out in any way. I would love to hear from all of you – it would be wonderful to have alum and collegians work together to make this the best recruitment yet! Have a great autumn! 

PSR Wishlist

– gift card for flower shop
– metro (grocery store) gift card
– fabricland gift card
– kinkos or other printing place gift card
– name tags (clip on preferable)
– elegant/hollywood style envelopes and cards (for pref night cards)
– exotic coloured/jewelled pillows (for arabian nights themed round)
– stick on paper stars or hanging silver stars
– silver,gold,blue balloons for bid day
– “fake” candles
– floor lamps
– fake plants

Any and all forms of assistance are greatly appreciated!
**In addition, if any alumnae would like to send me a 30 second video clip of themselves stating their name, their Tri Delta initiation year, graduation year and what they are doing now (job, family ,travel, friends, etc) that we can incorporate into PSR. Feel free to also incorporate a tiny little blurb about life as a Tri Delta alum. This is going to be used for preference night. If you could please send the videos in no later than September 15th that would be great!  Video formats should be in DV, DV Wide screen, MPEG 4, AVI or quick time file. The videos can be emailed to me at

Much Delta Love,

Catherine Young

VP Membership

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