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The Office of Letters and Light has for many years now put on for free two annual international writing challenges: one in November called “National Novel Writing Month” in which participants write a 50,000-word novel in 30 days; and one in April called “Script Frenzy” in which participants rise to the challenge of writing a 100-page screenplay. This donation-funded nonprofit based in the USA began these events in order to build a more engaged and inspiring world, to foster creativity in the young and the old wherever they may live.

Script Frenzy and the Script Frenzy Young Writers Program cost over $150,000 to put on in 2010. These free grassroots events wouldn’t exist without donations from participants and sponsors.

When I decided to join the 20,999 other scriptwriters participating in Script Frenzy, I also set my hand to fundraise for it. While I adapt my book Lifeliner into a screenplay, I’m also asking friends, family, and my Tri Delta sisters to sponsor my script by making a donation to The Office of Letters and Light. Every dollar I raise will help Script Frenzy’s parent nonprofit, The Office of Letters and Light, continue to put on free creative writing programs for children and adults in classrooms, communities, and libraries around the world. For children in the Young Writers Program, Script Frenzy builds fluency, confidence, creativity, and time management. Every dollar I raise will keep these programs going, keep encouraging children and adults to set their imaginations free and learn that when they put their minds to it, they can accomplish much.

I’m close to the end of Script Frenzy, two pages away from 100. But I’m only 45 percent of the way towards my fundraising goal. Please help me reach my total goal of raising $2,500 for The Office of Letters and Light by making a donation now through my convenient and secure sponsorship page by clicking the link below. There are only 5 fundraising days left!

To see how I’m doing with my screenplay and fundraising any time of the day or week, please check out my Script Frenzy page, my Twitter page, or my website.

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