Honouring One Of Our Tri Psis

Some of you may be familiar with Olive Jeejeebhoy, a Tri Psi for over three decades, twice International President and I’ve lost count how many times President of our local Tri Psi chapter. Currently, she’s serving as Scholarship Chair for International Tri Psi. Olive is my mother, and I roped her into joining Tri Psi in my first year as a Tri Delt. At first hesitant, she capitulated and added it to her many volunteer activities. Mum loves Tri Psi, loves her Tri Psi sisters, has spent many, many hours at the chapter house in years gone by with the collegiates, and is always willing to help Tri Delta. As anyone who’s met her knows, she is one energetic giver!

It’s not often we can honour her giving nature, but today’s the day in the Canadian-American season of Thanksgiving!! Mum has not only devoted many hours to Tri Psi over the decades but also to the Scott Mission. Volunteers are the foundation of the Scott Mission, and Mum has been a keystone of their mission for three decades. She transformed their Christmas Toy Room and continues to shine a cheery light of dignity and respect to all the people the Scott Mission serves. This is why the Scott Mission is creating the Olive Jeejeebhoy Award for Faithful Service for the volunteer that best exemplifies initiative, cheerfulness, and faithfulness among other qualities of sacrificial service to the people of Toronto.

I, along with the Scott Mission, have set an ambitious fundraising goal of $5,000 in order to provide an annual award of $100. Please consider joining your Tri Delta sisters and Tri Psi mothers in helping us make this award a reality for a deserving volunteer at the Mission’s upcoming Volunteer Appreciation Tea in April 2020.

To find out more about Olive and her remarkable volunteerism and to give towards this award, please visit ‪https://www.scottmission.com/oliveaward/

Please share this post far and wide! Thank you!!

Plum Blossom from the Bitter Cold

Exciting news from one of our Tri Delta sisters! The TD Gallery at the Toronto Reference Library has a new exhibit entitled, “Plum Blossom from the Bitter Cold,” and it includes photos of Tri Delta Arlene Chan and her late mother Tri Psi Jean Lumb.

Arlene wrote in 2018:

“When Toronto Public Library announced in late 2016 that it was to establish the Chinese Canadian Archive to capture and record the rich heritage of the Chinese community, I was ecstatic. . . The connections to our past are fast fading with the loss of our elders, precious memories and personal memorabilia.”

Go! See! There’s a reading list and drop-in guided tours. Plum Blossom from the Bitter Cold runs until October 27th.

Graduation Dinner with The Tri Psi

The Toronto chapter of Psi Psi Psi extends an invitation to all Tri Deltas graduating this year for a dinner and celebration. This fun affair is popular with both Tri Psis and Tri Delta daughters, and we hope you will attend.

Time: 7:00 pm
Date: Wednesday, April 8th.

Please RSVP by  e-mail Olive Jeejeebhoy for the address and directions. Rides are available.

Tri Psi Love,
Olive Jeejeebhoy

Call for Tri Psi Scholarship Applications

Psi Psi Psi awards $1,000 scholarships to collegiate members of Delta Delta Delta who are entering their third year.

The deadline for applications for the Tri Psi Scholarship is March 5, 2009. Please note that there can only be one applicant per chapter, and each application must be accompanied by a letter from the Alum Adviser. The international Delta Delta Delta website has the application form and further information on the Tri Psi scholarship. We hope that Toronto third-year collegians will seriously consider this useful scholarship, and I look forward to hearing from one of you.

Tri Psi Love
Olive Jeejeebhoy
Chair, Psi Psi Psi Scholarship Committee

Psi Psi Psi International Convention

The Toronto chapter of Psi Psi Psi is hosting the sorority’s International Convention this year in Ottawa, Ontario at the Lord Elgin Hotel.

From Thursday, October 16th to Sunday October 19th, our mothers from across the United States and Canada, along with their husbands and Tri Delta daughters, will be flocking to their sorority’s 85th Convention and celebrating Tri Psi Toronto’s 75th anniversary. It’s sure to be a lot of fun and frolic, as it always is.

Toronto Tri Psi is inviting us to attend their full convention over the weekend or the main Banquet Saturday night. Full details can be found on their Tri Psi page.