The Dorothy Cody Fundraising Campaign

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Question: What do the following eight generous Tri Deltas have in common?

Muriel Masson

Arlene Chan

Judith McCutcheon Pownall

Nancy Gahm

Helen Ward in memory of Lucille Banke & Bobbie Bicknell

Eleanor MacLean

June Rossall

Carly Klassen

Answer: They have already responded to my appeal for new donations to the Dorothy Cody Memorial Fund!

Will your name be added to this esteemed list by the next newsletter? I would be so grateful for your cheque of any amount made out to the Dorothy Cody Memorial Fund, and sent to me, Nancy Gahm. (Please see 2013-2014 Toronto Directory for address or email “President” via the “Contact” link at the top of this site.)

At this point we have newly raised $ 2500, and the whole fund has more than $9,000 in it.

Can you help raise these amounts even higher? Your contribution would really make my day!!

P.S. I’m also ready to receive nominations for the Dorothy Cody Award, the winner to be presented at Founders’ Day 2014. Have you thought of a qualified Tri Delta alumna for this year’s prestigious award? E-mail me with your choice at

Delta Love,


You’re Invited…


… to an informal Tri Delta Alumnae Recruitment Event!

Please join us for sisterhood, an appetizer potluck, and an outreach activity.

Friday, September 5, starting at 6:30 p.m.

Krystal Mercer’s Home

Yonge & Lawrence Area

RSVP by Wednesday, September 3

Look for full details in the upcoming Toronto Tri Delta Tribune or email

We look forward to catching up with you after the summer break!

Toronto Alumnae Chapter

Betty-Faye LeRiche’s Convention 2014 Summary

Michelle Mercer, Carly Klassen, Carrie Illsley, Liz Melo and Betty-Faye LeRiche at Convention 2014
Michelle Mercer, Carly Klassen, Carrie Illsley, Elizabeth Melo and Betty-Faye LeRiche at Convention 2014


The 2014 Tri Delta Convention in Indianapolis was informative and inspiring.

Leeza Gibbons, American TV host and our keynote speaker, started off Convention by talking about life-changing passages for women.  She used the Winston Churchill quote, “Success is not final.  Failure is not fatal.  It is the courage to continue that counts.”  We have all had times of success and of failure, but must carry on.  She pointed to the question “Who do you think you are?” as a defining question that will shape your future.  Under the guidance of Sarah Ida Shaw’s blueprint for Tri Delta women, expect to succeed and pursue excellence.  These values will help us reach our goals through life and determine who we are.

She pointed out that in your elevator of life’s ride to the top, you should expect to stop and let some people and things off.  They are not going to your desired location.  Take on things when your effort is valued and respected.  If you feel empowered and see positive outcomes, go ahead.  Don’t let go of your boundaries.  You may need to refocus and start again in your effort to be successful.  Have the courage to do what is right for you and others.

Identify people who are pace-setters and those you respect for what they have accomplished and follow their lead.  Embrace change.  You can’t expect a different outcome if you continue to do the same things.

She said she learned from her time on “Dancing with The Stars” that you can’t always lead.  You can’t look down.  You can’t wait.  You must go when the music starts.  Follow this in your daily life.  Do not hesitate and help others.  This analogy relates to her fundraising for Alzheimer projects since her mother was stricken with the disease.  You need to do what presents itself to you.  Sometimes the most success comes from doing something you never thought you would ever do.  Remember to get something you have never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.

Dr. Audrey Beeney presented a session called “Rise and Shine.”  She encouraged us to reach our potential so we can live our purpose.  You must know your “shine” is to live your life to the fullest.  Your “shine” comes from your strengths, life’s experiences, education, hobbies, interests, irritants, and natural talents.  When you shine, you can spread your light by being a candle or a mirror that reflects the light.  You don’t always have to be the leader to do something worthwhile.  You can be the helper.  Realize the impact of little things.  They add up.  Don’t ever think your contribution is too small.  Doing a little many times will add up to a big effect.

Floods are dangerous but rivers are powerful directed forces.  Don’t say yes to everything.  It may turn out like a flood.  Doing a little that is well directed and focused will turn out well.

What you focus on counts.  Be positive.  Be the light.  Bring out the best in others.  Work together to share knowledge.  Do the right thing and stand up against wrong.  When you involve others, your efforts will grow and prosper.  When you do it all yourself, it will stagnate.

The small changes you make every day over and over add up.  Small things won’t make a difference immediately, but as time goes by they count.  Make the small things you do be positive because the small negative things will add up, too, and take you in the wrong direction.  What you do counts more than you think.  Your purpose will evolve as long as you keep doing it.  Focus your talents and do a little every time you can.  Your doings will also bring out the best in others.  Generosity will generate success.  Action will generate action.  Ideas communicated will generate ideas.  Never underestimate your power and never think you can’t do enough to count.  Do what you can and shine.

Delta Love,

Betty-Faye LeRiche

Toronto Alumnae Chapter Delegate