We are sorry to report that the husband of long-time, loyal member Helen Ward passed away last Friday.

There will be a visitation on Tuesday, November 10th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm at McDougall and Brown Funeral Home, 2900 Kingston Road, Scarborough (just east of where St Clair joins Kingston Road), phone 416-267-4656.

The funeral will be held at 2:00 pm on Wednesday November 11th.

Call for Tri Psi Scholarship Applications

Psi Psi Psi awards $1,000 scholarships to collegiate members of Delta Delta Delta who are entering their third year.

The deadline for applications for the Tri Psi Scholarship is March 5, 2009. Please note that there can only be one applicant per chapter, and each application must be accompanied by a letter from the Alum Adviser. The international Delta Delta Delta website has the application form and further information on the Tri Psi scholarship. We hope that Toronto third-year collegians will seriously consider this useful scholarship, and I look forward to hearing from one of you.

Tri Psi Love
Olive Jeejeebhoy
Chair, Psi Psi Psi Scholarship Committee

A Night — and an Alumna — to Remember

In mid November, I attended a conference of The International Women’s Alliance, a global women’s networking association. I was very excited because the guest presenter at our gala dinner on the night of November 10th, was distinguished Canadian Tri Delta alumna Maureen Kempston Darkes.

Maureen is a graduate of Victoria College and U of T Law School, and of course, a member of Canada Alpha. Today she is global leader, currently serving as Group Vice President and President, General Motors, Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

When the dinner began, I made my way through the crowd of almost 200 women to reach the head table. To be honest, I was a bit nervous. The head table hosts looked at me intently as I approached Maureen. Extending my hand I didn’t know what to say except, “My name is Beth Parker — and we’re Tri Delta sisters!” My impression of Maureen is that she is a calm, reserved women; but as soon as I blurted out my message, she leaped to her feet and immediately threw her arms around me. Our conversation exploded into topics like, “What’s new at the house? Is that boys’ frat still next door? What are the girls like now? How did rush go? And of course, did I remember Dorothy Cody?”

It was a wonderful moment for me, and believe me, I sure impressed the rest of the head table! Maureen spoke so fondly of her days in Tri Delta and asked that I pass her greetings on to all of you — and especially mentioned friends from her year — Heather, Nancy, and Sherry.

I met many women that evening and during the course of the conference, but I will always remember my short visit with Maureen Kempston Darkes.

Note: Apart from her responsibilities at GM, Maureen also serves on the Board of CN and the U of T President’s International Alumni Council; and is a recipient of numerous honourary degrees and awards, including the Order of Ontario and the Order of Canada.

by Beth (Brewer) Parker,
Canada Alpha 1977

Call for Nominations for Dorothy Cody Award

If you would like to nominate one of the Toronto Tri Delta alum for the Dorothy Cody Award this year, please send in your nominations to Michelle Mercer or Eleanor MacLean. Please include, along with the person’s name, details of what they have done for Tri Delta and for their community. The deadline is November 19th. The winner, if one is found, will be announced on Founders’ Day.

Membership News: Introducing Points North Studio

I’ve long enjoyed photography as a hobby, in the last couple of years with a Nikon Coolpix S2 (a point and shoot) and a Nikon D80 SLR, both digital cameras. But this past week I’m turning it from not just a hobby, but to a business as well.

Today, I’m pleased to announce the opening of my new shop at I call my shop Points North Studio, after my Flickr name (Flickr is a photo sharing website). I’ve found CafePress very helpful whenever I’ve had to call them while trying to create products, I’m impressed that they test all their products for quality, and I’ve heard good things from people who’ve ordered from them.

I’ve created a few products to begin with: T-shirts featuring my popular morning rose or a playful dog, a journal with the CN Tower soaring up its cover, three types of calendars including one featuring Toronto, Christmas greeting cards and ornaments, and a birthday card featuring a jaunty yellow crocus. I am regularly adding to the shop as I familiarize myself with creating products. CafePress provides the ability to open up more than one shop; if, for example, people want to see more greeting cards, I’ll open up new shops to showcase new card designs.

I invite you to check it out, e-mail me your comments, spread the word, and please shop!


P.S. If you have member news, please submit it so that we can tell our Tri Delta sisters through this website. We’d love to read about it!