Virgin Cocktail Party 2010

The collegiate chapter will be hosting our annnual Virgin Cocktail Party on March 1st, 2010. This fundraising event is our biggest event of the year, raising approximately $4000 in roughly 4 hours! There are over 300 guests in attendance; a broad clientele including university students, alumnae, and community members.

The theme for this year will be Tropical Vacation Getaway, featuring a variety of cruise ship style games and entertainment. As always, we will have a silent auction, which is the most profitable activity. Along with a variety of virgin cocktails, we will be serving finger foods, assorted platters, and desserts to our guests. The event will run from 7 pm until 12 am and will be situated at the chapter house.

I hope the alumni will support our endeavor in any means possible. We look forward to seeing you all on the 1st!

Initiation Weekend: November 20 & 21

The collegiate chapter has Initiation weekend on November 20-21.  The Trident Degree is on Friday at 8 P.M. followed the next morning with the S & C Degree at 8 A.M.

Alumnae are welcome and encouraged to attend one or both degrees. If you have interest in organizing chapter support for the event (for example, Friday night dinner preparation), please let me know.


Collegiate-Alumnae Relations

Collegiate-Alumnae Tea

The Collegiate chapter will be hosting the Alumnae for tea and snacks followed by a sisterhood event.

The event is at the chatper house on Thursday, October 29 at 6 P.M.

I hope to see you there!



Collegiate-Alumnae Relations

All-U-Can eat Spaghetti Night!

All-U-Can eat Spaghetti Night!
Monday October 19th, 6-11pm
30 Madison Ave

The Tri Delta Collegiate Chapter will be serving up all the spaghetti and meatballs you can eat! We’ve got better, cheaper and more food than East Side Mario’s! Only $10 or $5 with a valid student ID.

All proceeds are donated to Children’s Cancer Charities. This means your money will go directly to THE HOSPITAL FOR SICK CHILDREN here in Toronto as well as ST. JUDE CHILDREN’S RESEARCH HOSPITAL in Memphis.

We welcome everyone to come out and show support for this amazing cause.

If anyone is interested in donating food for this night, items still needed include:

parmesan cheese
paper plates
plastic forks
disposable cups

Thank you!
Nicole Hanbidge

Philanthropy Chair
Canada Alpha Chapter
Delta Delta Delta Women’s Fraternity

Seeking items for our Founders’ Day Silent Auction

 Once again this year Founders Day will be the site of our now famous silent auction. We welcome all donations from small to big, homemade or store bought, Tridelta related or not.

We are asking you to think about who you know and what they might be able to donate to our auction. The more things we have to auction, the more money we have for Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario (POGO) so please be creative and generous when thinking about how you can contribute to this event. We already have committments from RBC Dominion Securities and Harlequin.

Thanks to those who have generously donated in the past. We look forward to your continued commitment!

If you’d like more information or want to share in let us know in advance of any donations, please call Laura Knapp or Natalie Maniates or email :

Manicures, Martinis and a Movie in Midtown

 Meet up with the Deltas in Midtown this Wednesday Oct 21 for an evening of spoils in support of POGO. The Toronto Alumnae group has pledged to raise $10,000 over 3 years for Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario Catch up with your sisters over every woman’s favourite things!Location;  Mani Pedi at 1177 Yonge Street  (Yonge/Summerhill)
Time:  6-8:30 pm
Tickets:  $50 for dues paying members $60 for non-members, limited quantity so book fast!

Includes your manicure, drinks, appetizers and a donation to POGO

For more info or to RSVP please call Laura Knapp or Natalie Maniates or  email:


Formal Recruitment! Looking for volunteers and donations

Formal recruitment is fast approaching and the chapter needs Alumnae assistance behind the scenes! They have asked for a few Alum to help during the regular rounds and will need more to assist the night of Preference for the larger food preparation. If you are available to assist, please contact the chapter at Alternatively, the chapter’s VP Membership, Alexandra Celebre, or Chapter Advisor, Samantha Potes, may be contacted (contact info in your Chapter Directory). If you are volunteering, please remember to enter the house through the back door. The dates and times of the rounds are listed below. For donations, the Chapter’s recruitment wish list will be published in the next newsletter or you may contact the VPM directly.

ROUND 1A – Wednesday September 16; 4PM to 8PM
ROUND 1B – Thursday September 17; 4PM to 8PM
ROUND 2A – Sunday September 20; 4PM to 8PM
ROUND 2B – Monday September 21; 4PM to 9PM
PREFERENCE – Tuesday September 22; 6PM to 9PM
BID DAY – Wednesday Septembr 23; 5PM

Thank you,

Jen Foote, Collegiate-Alumnae Relations

Recruitment workshop volunteers needed!

Hello Sisters!

The collegians need some alumnae volunteers to assist with a preference party rehearsal next Thursday, August 27.  Come with your best potential new member gameface on!  The majority of the group are first time recruiters and have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to practice with some new faces (they’ve been practicing on each other all summer) and would appreciate any constructive feedback, tips and pointers we can give them.  

It’s at 7:30 PM at the Chapter House.  Light refreshments will be served!

My appreciation in advance for your assistance!

DL, Sam
Samantha Potes
Alumna Advisor, Canada  Alpha

Chapter House: 416.922.5609

Dorothy Cody Award Acceptance Speech

Lynda Ciaschini and her mother Lillian, who is a Tri Psi, jointly won the Dorothy Cody Award for 2008. Lynda’s acceptance speech was so well received — and such an endorsement of our uniqueness embodied by Tri Psi —  that we asked her if we could reproduce it here.


I would like to thank you for this honour. The fact that you gave the honour to my mother and I as a team, makes this honour especially significant to me for it means that my mother’s name and mine will be forever linked on the list of winners of the Dorothy Cody Awards.

Remember Dorothy Cody was both a Tri Delta and a Tri Psi.

When I went through formal recruitment, I was asked to join three different sororities. I was a legacy for one of these sororities. Not Tri Delta. I was impressed with Tri Delta because of its emphasis on scholarship and how kind the ladies were that I met there. However, I think the deciding factor was the fact that my mother could join a sorority as well, known as the Tri Psis.

Mother’s father had been ill when she was growing up, so mother had to start working part time at 12 years old in order to support her family. Mother was working full time when most people started grade 10. However, mom got her education by helping me study. I had an eidetic memory so I would read my notes to my mom without looking at them and Mom would read along with me. Mom proof read all my essays for school, up to and including law school.

Unbeknownst to everyone I had a learning disability that was not diagnosed until I was in my second year of legal practice. I am grossly far sighted in one eye and grossly near sighted in the other eye. I have no three-dimensional vision and no peripheral vision. My eyes do not stay on the line when I read. My handwriting is just about illegible.

It was Mom that made sure that teachers marked my exams in high school even though they were difficult to read. Who went with me to get my marks in second-year University so that I could get admitted into law school. It was Mom who went to the Law Society of Upper Canada in order to ensure that I could take my exams with everyone else and pay for them to get retyped so that the markers could mark them.

Mom took care of the office when I was on the Ontario Advisory Council on Senior Citizens and the other government, hospital, and charitable boards that I sat on. Mom drove me to and from the office and many of these board meetings. Without her help I couldn’t have done all the things that I have done.

My mom is a little frail now, so when she attends the Tri Psi meetings I go with her. Consequently, I have become reacquainted with our mothers, the wonderful Tri Psi sisters. They tirelessly, without complaint, assist the Tri Deltas with formal recruitment, attend the Tri Delta fund-raising functions, raise money for scholarship and gifts for the house. There is a joyful sense of sisterhood among the Tri Psis.

I would like to thank all the Tri Psis, as well as my own mother, for the service that they have rendered to the Tri Deltas over the years. I would like to thank those who are currently members of the Tri Psi, those Tri Psi who were members over the years and ensured the continuity of the Tri Delta chapters, and those Tri Psis who made my collegiate years so special. I can still remember emptying out the house and filling the car with dishes and food for formal recruitment.

I would urge all Tri Deltas to make sure that their mothers know about the Tri Psi sorority and the advantages of joining that sisterhood.

I know some Collegiates go to University and want to be independent. The Tri Psis encourage the development and independence of their daughters, and the memories that you will take with you for the rest of your life are well worth what you might incorrectly perceive as a little encroachment on your independence.

I know some of the mothers have careers or other time commitments that make joining the organization difficult. However, mothers can devote as little or as much time to the organization as they wish. These ladies are not judgemental and know the difficulty of juggling the demands of work and family.

If you are no longer a collegiate, remember Mrs. Lockhart, Michelle Lockhart Mercer’s mother, just recently joined the Tri Psis and it has been a few years since Michelle was a Collegiate.

And some Tri Deltas might be lucky enough to have a Tri Delta daughter and like Michelle Mercer and Judith Pownall, become a Tri Delta mother and a Tri Psi themselves.

I would wish that everyone could know the joy of saying to your Tri Delta sisters at Founder’s Day:  “I’ll be back in a minute.  I just want to go and say hello to my Mom.”

Thank you.

Lynda L. Ciaschini