If you blink too fast you will miss it.

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Sister Request: Vote for Chief World Explorer

Hi Tri Delta sisters,

I am a Tri Delta alum from the University of Kentucky.

I have just applied for a position that I have been dreaming of for years: the Jauntaroo Chief World Explorer position. The chosen Chief World Explorer will travel around the world for a year — to 30 to 50 destinations — and document all of the destinations through blogging, photography, and video, while also managing the social media accounts for Jauntaroo, which is a start-up travel company, also known as the ultimate travel ‘matchmaker.’ Voluntourism is also one of the main duties of the Chief World Explorer — a volunteer project will be done in each destination. I am interested in volunteering and starting a non-profit; I have already pitched, created, and successfully  started my first project, The Silly Bandz Project.

I feel that I am very qualified for this position. I have travelled independently to 30 countries, I’ve roughed it on 22-hour train rides through China and 18-hour bumpy bus rides (through the night) in Cambodia. I feel that I am an established traveller and that I have the skill set to take on this role. Check out my website and travel blog and my LinkedIn profile to see more about my skills, experience, and to see for yourself that I would be perfect at this!

I’m not sure how much votes even count for, but please vote. You can vote once a day (from each platform, so actually twice a day if you
vote once from your phone and once from your laptop). Please forward on to friends, family, etc. and say that a Tri Delta alum (May 2012 graduate) needs support; it would be much appreciated! There are like a billion applicants, so I’m sure that I won’t make it to the top 50,
but you never know!

Click here for the link:

Thanks very much in advance and if anyone ever has travel questions, don’t hesitate to contact me!



Twitter & Instagram: @AbbieRoden

Buy Your Delta Delta Delta T-Shirt Here

We’ve added an option to purchase a Delta Delta Delta T using PayPal, in small, medium, or large size. See the right side bar for the item named “Delta Delta Delta T-Shirt,” choose your preferred size from the drop down menu, and click “Buy Now.”

Gladys Rutherford Cranston

Gladys Rutherford Cranston died on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 in her 101st year.

Gladys was the last living charter member of Canada Alpha. Gladys’s pin number was 27, and there were 30 in the charter group. She had also received the Golden Circle and Diamond Circle pins in her long history with our fraternity.

Gladys did not forget her frat roots. She was a member of the Stoneagers, Alumnae President, and an active supporter of Tri Delta for many years. She came to the house for our 75th celebration. She had 2 children, 4 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren. The service was held at Calvin Presbyterian Church.

Welcome Sisters and Friends of Delta Delta Delta

The Toronto Alumnae Chapter of Tri Delta is a thriving and active group of women who work and play with members of both the collegiate chapter of Canada Alpha and the local chapter of Psi Psi Psi, the mother sorority of Tri Delta. As friends, mothers and daughters, sisters in Tri Delta, we gather together regularly to host popular social events, welcome new members, celebrate our fraternity’s founding, and raise funds.

Canada Alpha is Hosting Tri Psi 2012 International Convention

The Canada Alpha Chapter of Tri Psi volunteered to host our annual Convention in Nashville. We did this as nobody else had come forward to host the 2012 Convention, and we’re well-seasoned in hosting conventions. We chose Nashville because many of our members do not have passports.

In the past we were so grateful for the the support we received from the Toronto Alumnae Chapter of Tri Delta. Once again we approach you. We would love it if some of you would join us in Nashville as we have an exciting program for guests, Tri Deltas, and Tri Psis, including an evening at the Grand Ole Opry. We are holding two hotel rooms at the Convention site, available to any who wish to join us. Also any monetary gift to help offset the cost of hosting the Convention would be very much appreciated.

Please check out our website at http://tripsisorority.com for further information. Just click on 2012 Convention to find further information on Convention Registration, Hotel Registration, and Convention Program.

Tri Psi love,
Olive Jeejeebhoy

House Corp AGM

House Corp is holding its Annual General Meeting at the end of the month. Details:

Tri Delta of Toronto House Corporation AGM
Tuesday, March 27th at 7:00 pm
Tri Delta House, 30 Madison Avenue

Light refreshments will be served.

If you are interested in joining House Corporation, please contact Daniella Marchese.

Shireen Jeejeebhoy Launches “She”

I’m pleased to announce the release of my second book and first novel She, as well as three other ebooks.

She is the classic tale of betrayal and friendship – with an evil entity thrown into the mix. Akaesman is that evil entity. And a young Toronto songwriter is his latest prey. Akaesman violently invades her and tries to make her into his image forever. Her career dies. Her name is gone. And then as her friends and fiancé turn their backs on her as she fights to resist Akaesman, she realizes the worst kind of evil: betrayal. That’s when her real battle for life begins.

“Put simply this is the best urban fantasy story that I have ever read period….you feel exactly how the main character feels. “She” is written with a pace that makes you feel every single word combined with hauntingly beautiful descriptions to forge a story that is anything but forgettable. That is the mark of a truly talented writer, someone who tells a story that you feel as opposed to reading words on a cold piece of paper.

One of the greatest attributes of “She” (One of many I might add) is how mysterious everything is within its pages. Considering that this story is done in the real world that is quite an accomplishment.” From the five-star review by Shane Porteous on Goodreads.com.

I have created a page for my new novel on my website, complete with a YouTube playlist of the music mentioned in the book. I invite you to visit it today.

She is available in trade paperback at the low price of US$14.99 and all ebook formats at a ridiculously low US$2.99.

The paperback is listed in all Amazon stores, Barnes & Noble, BetterWorldBooks, The Book Depository, Paddyfield, adlibris, and directly through my Amazon CreateSpace eStore. Unfortunately, Chapters has slotted it under Used and Rare, with a highly inflated price. I am working on changing this. Fortunately, Amazon.ca is competitive with Chapters in shipping and service, and I recommend Amazon.ca or my CreateSpace eStore to Canadians. Since the trade paperback is distributed by Ingram, any bookstore should be able to order it in upon request.

The ebook is available in ePub format for kobo, iPad, iBooks, Nook, Sony Reader, and mobile devices; in mobi and Amazon format for Amazon Kindle; and in PDF and other formats. All ebook formats are listed at Smashwords; ePub format at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Diesel eBook Store, kobo in the next few weeks or months, and many other etailers; and Kindle format at all Amazon stores.

I am also thrilled to announce the release of three new ebooks, available everywhere in all formats:

A Nibble of Chocolate, about the nutritional qualities of chocolate and with a cookie recipe to boot. Only US99¢.

The Job Sessions: Why Do The Innocent Suffer?, a guide to the Book of Job in the Bible. At a low US99¢.

Eleven Shorts +1, a collection of short stories I wrote before my brain injury plus a bonus romantic short story written by my grandmother in 1919, regularly US$2.99.

But for a limited time only Eleven Shorts +1 is FREE on Smashwords. It’s a risk-free way to check out my fiction writing. All I ask is to please leave a review on it on Smashwords or if you prefer, a review of Lifeliner or She or one of my other books on Amazon or on the store website where you purchased it. Reviews are invaluable. They tell readers who don’t know me that others have not only read one of my books, they think it’s worth buying too. Reviews encourage readers to buy and try one of my books.

I hope you enjoy my newest work!