Sep 012008

Canada Alpha’s recruitment period (formerly called Rush) is slowly approaching, and we wanted to start off our year in a positive way! We are inviting all our Alumnae to come over and share their thoughts and advice with the collegiates for our 2008-2009 chapter goals.

This night is to recognize our Alum and to integrate them into our current chapter; therefore, we are hoping to see you all on September 3rd to make this event a success! Oh, and did I mention we will be serving delicious desserts that night ?

If you have any questions, please contact myself or our V.P. Membership Vanessa LeBouthillier.

Also, please contact us if you want to volunteer to help out with one of our PSR rounds, or to donate food, decorations, etc.

Thank you again for your time and we hope to see you there!

Delta Love,
Lydia Oliverio
Collegiate-Alumnae Relations

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